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Client Centered

Insuring commercial real estate has become increasingly complex due to the various coverage gaps many policies include and substantially increasing premiums year after year.

With our expertise and focus in commercial real estate we have built a strong partnership with top-rated carriers in the industry providing broad coverage forms and competitive premiums.

Furthermore, we are appointed to semi-exclusive insurance programs specifically designed for condominiums, cooperatives and apartment buildings.

Program coverage highlights included but are not limited to:

Client Centered
  • No Major Construction Exclusions
  • No Lead Liability Exclusion
  • No Mold Liability Exclusion
  • Higher Limit Options (Flood, Earthquake, Demolition & Increased Cost of Construction)
  • 125% Extended Replacement Cost
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost
  • Built in Commercial Umbrella

Don’t hesitate to contact our agency today and allow us to provide a comparative review of your current coverage with our various carrier outlets.

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